March 31, 2012

Cut Bank, MT

Our Rv, in the snow..
My little snowman... the snow melted and he slipped off the hood to very nasty death on the ground... LOL

 Sunrise behind our RV
When the sun would set it would look like this every day. So neat. (Sun was behind me)

The view I did not know exsisted for a few days because the bad weather covered it up.

Zoey is getting bigger!

March 24, 2012

Driving across the country..

Our next destination is MONTANA. hmm. Can't say that is a state I have been to yet. It is exciting to go somewhere new. I did not have my camera with me for the whole trip, so these photos are from the last couple of days. It took SIX days for us to get here. First my dad's truck broke down in Kansas, we had to leave him and my mom behind with the truck, and myself, Keith and my brother loaded up in my moms car and continued on, just to have a blowout on the highway in Wyoming... and to top everything off I was extremely sick the entire trip. Had to go to the Dr while we were stuck in Wyoming.

I know, I know... why am I sick and in the snow. I couldnt help myself. I wanted to go out too. and believe me, my face showed just how sick I was.. this no face shot was definitly on purpose :)