June 22, 2015

Fathers Day & Claire's 13th Birthday

         We had a small get together with my oldest brothers family and some family friends to celebrate both Fathers day and my sweet niece Claire's 13th birthday party. We did not get to come to her birthday party so we figured this would be a great way to celebrate such a special birthday.  It was so nice to be surrounded by family and friends & so many kids! This was Keith's very first Fathers day & I hope he enjoyed the day, we were dodging rain and at times couped up inside my dads RV.. all 11 of us. (Good thing my dad's RV is BIG) We managed to get through the day with only one child getting hurt.. which if you know the Nobles "clan" you know this is AMAZING.. haha. Kolton was loved on by everyone there.. although not sure he was all that thrilled about Chrissy.. he cried when she held him.  He seemed to love the rest of the girls though! 

It really was a special day all around:

New Traditions..
I knew I wanted to get something special for her, 13 is a milestone, thirTEEN deserves recognition.  I wanted to incorporate my mom somehow. My mom and Claire were very close & so my dad and I talked about it and came up with (what we think is) a brilliant idea.. and then came the birth of a new tradition.  I figured a piece of jewelry was perfect for a "young lady" I wanted it to come from somewhere classic... Tiffany's made the cut.  But then what? My mom loved jewelry that had hearts on it. She almost always had at least one piece of jewelry on that had a heart on it, & my dad told me the very first piece of jewelry he bought her had a heart on it. So a heart it is. 

Claire received a dainty little silver heart necklace. "A piece of Mimi's heart"  Each girl, as they turn 13 will receive, the same or a very similar piece of jewelry from the same exact place. (& not just the Noble's girls, this is for EACH girl, Claire, Aby, Chrissy, Keli, Kailynn, Kamryn, Kiki & Breelynn)----(not sure about the boys.. we have 4 years to think about the boys, Brian is the lucky one, he gets to be the surprised one haha!)

New Daddy's:
Happy fathers day to this amazing guy right here, my husband, my best friend, the father of our perfect little boy! I am so lucky to have you by my side raising our little boy. I hate to admit that I was in so much pain after giving birth that Keith pretty much took care of Kolton by himself for a few days. In just the short time he has been a daddy(exactly one month) he has already shown himself to the an absolutely amazing father. Kolton is so blessed to have you as his daddy!♥
I also can't forget that he is an amazing uncle as well! I am so blessed to have found a man that cares just as much for my nieces and nephews as I do. & at times has even been a caretaker of some of them on different occasions. Seeing how much he cares for, and helps take care of my nieces and nephews was a glimpse for me of how he would be as a father, and that glimpse told me he would be an amazing father, because he was an amazing uncle!
So... Happy Fathers Day to the best, Daddy/Uncle/Husband there is
Happy Birthday to the sweetest 13 year old! :)

xoxo Jamie

Outfit Details:
Shirt - H&M
Kolton's Onesie - Itzy Bitzy Beauty
Koltons Teal pants - Babies R Us
Koltons leggings - Belle and Beau Boutique
Keith's Shirt - Zoey's Attic

June 21, 2015

Dear Kolton: One Month

Dear Kolton,

      I can't believe you are already a month old! The days are flying by so fast and you have already changed so much since the first time I laid eyes on you. Your hair has lightened just a bit, and your eyes are still very blue, even though I can't seem to get a good picture of their color. :( You are an amazing sleeper. Already sleeping through most of the night. You are typically very calm and are happy just hanging out in your swing looking around. You hated your first bath, absolutely hated it. You love to lift your head up and look around while being burped, but would rather sleep during tummy time than attempt to lift your head then. You smile ALL the time, in your sleep and while awake.

     You have just recently started to "look" at me and your daddy. Speaking of daddy, you LOVE his voice. It's like you have an internal alarm that goes off when daddy gets home from work.. I think you may be a daddy's boy, how fitting that you are turning one month old on fathers day. ;) We can't decide who you look like; so far we have thought, me, your daddy, your uncle Marc and your uncle Josh. It will be fun to see how your features change as you get older.  You have your Mimi's "mean face" though. Hands down, you inherited that! Sometimes, when you are staring at one spot smiling away, I think, there's my mom, your Mimi, she's talking to you, huh? I really hope it is. This first month has been tough without her here to guide me. But she's got to be here helping, because seriously, you are the CALMEST baby I have ever seen.

      Your papa is head over heels for you, and you become super quiet when you hear his voice. I think you like hearing about all these fishing trips he has planned for you two. You love your swing, thankfully, since I am always afraid I am going to drop you, you hang out in there a lot. You have already "seen" the toy bar and seem to love staring at either the tree or the owl. You must really like those two. So far you are a ham for the camera.. I hope that continues ;) & so far you do REALLY well out in public. I've taken you shopping a couple of times, and you only cried one time, I think you were just ready to go home that day. You "talk" a lot. Constantly going on about something if you aren't sleeping.

     So far we have not let the dogs interact much with you, Lexi could care less that you exist.. she is going to have to get used to you though. I think you two will be besties once she realizes she can cuddle with you(once she is allowed to anyway) Mia on the other hand wants to lick you all over. She's gotten you a couple times. haha. Thankfully their barks don't seem to bother you either.

     You have not gotten to meet many members of our huge family.. hopefully that will change during the year! You have gotten to meet some of your cousins that live relatively close by.. Mihkaella, Claire, Chrissy, Keli, Kiki and Kapoka. They all love you, Kiki is absolutely in love with you, she always wants to hold you, and if you make a peep, she is quick to make sure you are okay. So super sweet.

    I can't wait to see what changes this next month brings, I am sure they will happen much faster than I am ready!

Love, Mommy!

Outfit details:
Kolton's romper - Parade Baby

June 6, 2015

Koltons Grand Arrival

Sorry it has been awhile since I last posted. These past few months have been one heck of a roller coaster ride. It seems that every major life event needs to be accompanied with joy and loss all at the same time.  I have been struggling to wrap my head around the loss of my mom, and also be filled with happiness for the birth of my very first baby, my sweet little Kolton. There are no words that can accurately describe the absolute thrill and pain that courses through me on a daily basis.

Anyway, I wanted to make sure I got my birth story posted before I start forgetting little details.


At my last appointment on May 15 my Dr. made the decision to schedule an induction. I was still completely convinced that Kolton would come on his own on his due date... May 17.. unfortunately that day came and went without any sign of baby. I kept wishing and wishing and walking and walking, eating spicy food etc, to coax him out. Nothing worked. Kolton decided he was perfectly happy where he was. So on the morning of the 21st (like, super early morning... 5am) we headed to the hospital to be induced. It was super quiet, still dark... no cars on the road, I remember thinking that our lives were going to change, yet it still didn't seem real. We didn't even know where we were supposed to go, since I had never gotten around to doing the hospital tour. After, going to the wrong place first, we finally ended up at the labor & delivery floor and got signed in.

We got into our room, room 2(I will always remember that because 2 is my favorite number) the room was really big, I set my moms picture frame up and we sat there for what felt like forever. Finally the nurses came in and started telling me what to do and got me set up in bed. By 7am they started the Pitocin. I started out the morning, 2cm and 85% effaced. After breaking my water, they determined that Kolton had a bowel movement, which meant that they were going to have NICU nurses on standby for when he was born. They warned Keith at this time that he may not end up getting to cut the cord, but would try to let him do it.

Obviously, this being my first baby I had no idea what to expect pain wise, so I was completely undecided as to whether or not I wanted an epidural, they sent in the anesthesiologist to talk to me so I would know more information about the epidural so I could make a better decision (code for, my Dr didn't think I would be able to handle labor pain and didn't want me to be scared of the epidural) I went the first couple hours just fine, handling the contractions perfectly fine.

Of course, that did not last very long.. they came in around 9, maybe 10am and upped my Pitocin, the contractions very quickly became way more painful. I was able to tolerate them at that point but was terrified they would get worse, and I wouldn't be able to sit still for an epidural, so I made the decision to face my fear of the epi and get it. Thankfully there was only one person in line in front of me, and I was given the epidural fairly quickly. It actually was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be..... BUT,

for some reason it only worked on my left side :( the nurses turned me on to my right side, hoping the medicine would "gravitate" to that side.. it didn't work, I ended up in tears because the contractions were coming way more frequent and were incredibly painful. They brought the anesthesiologist back in and he messed around with the epidural and told me that it shouldn't be long and I wouldn't be able to feel the pain anymore.. the pain dulled... but I could STILL feel my right side.. he came back in and just upped my dosage.. I finally had relief and I knocked out.

When I woke up ( I have no idea what time is was) I couldn't move my legs at all.. which completely freaked me out. I sent Keith out for the nurse and she assured me all was fine... seriously scary not being able to feel your legs! The rest of the afternoon was completely uneventful. A brief visit by my dad, but otherwise, Keith and I just slept.

At 5pm my Dr came in and checked me, I was 7.5cm and 90% effaced. She went ahead and said she was staying an extra hour hoping that things would progress quickly from there so that she could be the one to deliver Kolton. At 6pm there was barely any change, and they had me do some practice pushes, my Dr then made the decision to go home, saying that it looked like it could still be awhile.

Naturally, right after she left, the on-call Dr came in and checked me and I had progressed, and it was time to push! It had barely been 15 minutes since my Dr had left! The Dr had to turn my epidural almost all the way off in order for me to push effectively, which SUCKED, because I was able to feel pretty much everything on my right side. But I kept pushing!

After about an hour and a half, I was completely exhausted, the nurses had had a shift change, I was put on oxygen because I could no longer breathe(stupid flipping asthma!) Was wondering if this was really happening, I even remember thinking how on earth is he not here yet? Even though to me it didn't seem like very long... but the Dr. started talking about C-section, she was worried he might be bigger than we thought.. hearing the word c-section pretty much kept me going.. I told them I had this.. I could do it.. (along with my new found air via the oxygen mask)

Not even 15 minutes later, Kolton entered the room, hand curled up to his shoulder... (thanks kid..) at 9lbs 11oz. & 22in long!! Everything happened so fast, that Keith ended up not getting to cut the cord :( but it's okay.  I was in a lot of pain, and unfortunately had tore pretty bad. My epidural wasn't working anymore, and I could feel the stitches.. they kept trying to numb me even more.. pretty much, in my opinion, the part after, was worse than pushing an almost 10lb baby out!! I was incredibly weak and nearly passed out. I could barely hold Kolton, thankfully, Keith is an awesome, amazing, wonderful man, who literally took care of little man for me immediately after <3

Most of the photos below, were taken by Keith. I didn't realize that no photos were taken of Keith holding Kolton in the hospital, and none of the three of us together :'(
I was just so out of it, I guess I wasn't thinking...

Had my mama with me my whole stay........ <3 </3

My chunky monkey!!!

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3
I REALLY wish someone had been able to get a photo of Keith holding him for the first time!

Going home outfit::: He barely fit into it! It was super tight!

Going home :) :) :) :) :)

xoxo Jamie