February 29, 2012

San Antonio!!

There is so much to do here in San Antonio, love it here. We went to the Alamo, wax museum and Ripleys. We also went to the Natural Bridge Caverns. We wanted to walk around the riverwalk and maybe take the boat tour, but it was rainy and nasty out while we were there. :(

Gotta love going to Ripleys and seeing a picture of something you have seen in person before :)

February 20, 2012

Trip to Lakeland

What can I say. Our trip to Lakeland was very bittersweet. I am not going to go into all the details but, just a couple days after we got there, Keith got called back to work in Seguin TX. I had just booked a ton of sessions. So we decided that I would stay in Lakeland for a couple more weeks at Beccas and he would go ahead and go back. Unfortunately the day I said good-bye to him and Sugar, was the last time I ever got to see Sugar alive. My little curious baby got into something she should not have. My sweet baby died just days before I was supposed to be back in Texas. What makes it bittersweet?  The morning of the day that she died, I bought a new puppy. I am sure God knew what he was doing when he put Zoey in our path. She went without a name for a little while and we were unsure whether we would keep her after losing our baby. We obviously decided to keep her... so I introduce you to Zoey, our beautiful Catahoula baby.

And some more pictures from Lakeland...