May 3, 2014

Front Porch {Decorating A Rental}

    So excited to start this part of my blogging!! I have been wanting to do it for awhile now, but am just now getting around to starting it. We move A LOT. Up until now it has been in an RV, but hopefully from here on out the jobs will be long enough for apartments/homes.. So we will be in and out of rentals for who knows how many years. Every time we move, it will be a new place with new rules. New decor, layouts etc. Good thing I LOVE decorating. As a teen, I did a complete overhaul in my room three different times in about 5 years. lilac&sage, orange&pink, and blue&white. :) Any who, this is the perfect time to start, and starting pretty much from scratch at this point...

      Currently we are in a tiny apartment in amazing San Antonio, TX. The complex is pretty open about how we decorate the exterior. Have to say this is the first time that I have lived in an apartment that is THIS open about it, but I sure am glad!!! My plans start with the front "porch" figured I would start at the front and work my way to the back :)

So here is the before... (taken with my iphone)
I got lucky and our door is a little "nook" like area.. :)
& if I could choose the paint myself..
 it would totally be a tan or yellow house.. with a turquoise door!

& the after.....

 The big tan pot is actually two pots, I am sure every one has seen how to do that on
 Pinterest by now.. if not you can see it HERE. The pots are from Target.
The pretty white one on the step is from Michaels :)

I made the above wreath for under $10 using product I found at Hobby Lobby :)

& the sign below came from HERE. However I purchased it off, they come unfinished so you can decorate them however you want!

The lantern above was something I found at Ross, its actually a candle holder that I
just stuck a pretty little plant inside of.

I made the No Soliciting sign for about $2. Got the little plaque and dowel at Michaels
spray painted and used stickers I already had :) The silver flower pot is from Hobby Lobby.
((I added the no soliciting sign because we have a BAD problem with them here))

& my awesome door mat is from Hobby Lobby, it was 50% off got it for $7!!
By the way, do you know how hard it is to find a NARROW door mat?
I got lucky and just happened to see this there one day while I was there for other stuff.

I hope you like my little "porch" I absolutely adore it! :)