July 27, 2015

Sunday Floral {Fashion}

This is my first "official" fashion post. I attempted back in the day, but there was too much going on in my life at the time to really keep up with it. Even now, these posts won't be super often, I don't think. When my husband was transferred to where we are now, it was supposed to be for just a couple of weeks, so we put the majority of our stuff in storage. As luck would have it, we are going to be here much longer. So I am stuck here without most of my clothes, however, I am using this to my advantage to buy new clothes ;)

Anyway, I love this dress, I picked it up at Target to wear to church yesterday morning. I almost passed it up in the store, thinking it would not look good on me, but decided to give it a chance, and so glad that I did! It is young but modest enough to wear to church or even for an evening out! These sandals I picked up earlier in the year from A'gaci. I was pregnant at the time, and my feet decided to start swelling around that time, so I am just now getting to really enjoy them!

xoxo Jamie

Outfit Details:

July 23, 2015

Dear Kolton: Month Two

Dear Kolton, 

   In your short, but fast 2 months of life you have officially moved 4 times between two towns. You still do not have your own room, which sucks, because I really wanted that for you. Yes, I know you wouldn't even be using it, but I don't care. At least we are in an apartment now. You weighed 11 pounds and 2 ounces just a few days after turning one month old and you now weigh 12 pounds one ounce and are 23 inches long. I have officially moved you up into 0-3 month clothing.  You giggled for the first time. It was at nothing but it was a beautiful sound. It took a couple weeks, but now you smile and giggle all the time. Your smile is the most beautiful smile I have ever seen. You LOVE your playmat, the fox is your favorite. You want my attention way more often now, which is fine, because you are so much fun to play with. We had to change your formula this month because you were throwing up constantly. You still spit up quite a bit, but I have no clue why. You also drool ALL the time! 

    Recently you caught sight of your daddy playing video games, and you think that is awesome apparently. You will turn your head as far as you can to watch the TV screen, and just giggle away while daddy plays. I finally bathed you by myself for the first time, and didn't do to bad, now it is easy peazy, except I am always scared you are going to pee on me! So far you have not.. but still. We celebrated July 4th this month and it was a blast, I think you really love spending time with your cousins. You are growing very attached to Keli. Probably because she is in your face constantly. But you seem to really adore her. :) 

 We have been working on tummy time, you are still pretty lazy with that. Today you finally started putting more effort into lifting your head! I hope you will continue to do that. We are finally letting the dogs around you more. Mia loves you, and tries to lick you constantly, as a matter of fact, just yesterday, she bathed your face before I noticed she was doing it. (That's what mommy gets for looking away for a second) but you loved it and giggled up a storm. Even Lexi is interested in you now, she likes to sniff you and tries to crawl onto the play mat with you. We have taken you to church twice now, two different churches(trying to find one we like) and you have been such a good baby! SO quiet, and you have been complemented at both churches on your good behavior ;) You scream if we take the bottle away from your mouth for just a second. You LOVE your  food haha!

Love you baby boy!
Love Mommy <3
Outfit Details:
Romper - Parade Baby

July 6, 2015

4th of July 2015

 I hope every one had a fun and safe 4th of July weekend! We had originally planned on starting the day out at the parade, but, my brother and his family did not make it to San Antonio in time :( Keith and I decided to take Kolton down to the Riverwalk, and even though I had my camera with me, I completely forgot to take any pictures.. which I am really upset about :( I thought about it, literally the second we made it up the stairs with the stroller.. note to self, Riverwalk is not very stroller friendly... anyway, we headed back to the RV and waited for my brother to get there. As soon as he arrived, he dropped the girls off with us, and had to leave because Mihka, their oldest daughter had been in a car accident... I got all 4 girls dressed and ready and we loaded up the car and headed to Shertz for the fireworks show. We didn't do much, just laid the picnic blanket on the ground, and enjoyed each others company. I gave each of the girls(except Kiki) a turn to take pictures with my camera, which is always fun when going through the pictures to see what all is on there. Haha! We had purchased some noise cancelling headphones for Kolton, but he didn't like them, so we only stayed for about 20 minutes of the show. He started getting a little fussy so we decided it would be best to leave. We needed to get to bed anyway, since we were moving the next day anyway. (I will post about that at another time)

Overall we had a great time, and I am so glad that my nieces were able to spend the holiday with us again for the 4th time in a row :) & hopefully Kolton will look back on these photos one day & see how much his cousins loved spending his first 4th of July with him :)

xoxo Jamie

Outfit details:
White tank - Juicy Couture
Blue tank - Target
Shorts - VS Pink (old)
Boots - Southern Fried Chics
Halo - Icing
Top - AAF
Top & Shorts - Buy Buy Baby
Shoes - Baby Gap
1st 4th of July - Personality, Inc
bloomers - BocoBaby
Top - Target
Bow - Target
Chrissy & Keli:
Tops - The Children's Place
Knee high socks - Halo Collective
Bows - Target
Dress - Gap or Old Navy(can't remember)
Bows - Kid to Kid