September 15, 2014

Entry Hall {Decorating a Rental}

   Hello!!! I am still here!!! Most likely I will start to use my blog much more, now that I have pretty much done away with Facebook. So I look forward to becoming re-acquainted with my blog again :)

  Anywho, this will probably be my last decorating post for awhile. Keith's job is coming to an end, which means our time in this rental is coming to an end. As of right now we have no idea where we may end up. With that said, I decided to halt decorating until I have a new place to decorate!!!

   The entry hall pretty much had nothing in it aside from this sad little collage of family photos on the wall -

Sorry, I do not have a very good "before" photo. :(

This is what the entry looks like now!!!

It is a very tiny space and the lighting in this spot is horrendous so I did not get many photos of this tiny little area. The chevron B was actually a craft item that I added scrapbook paper too. The white frames were originally black that I spray painted white and were used as decor at my wedding. The Bragg canvas, was a printable that I added to a canvas :) Now, for those interested, here is where everything is from:

Teal cabinet - Target
Small globe - Homegoods
Yellow peacock - Garden Ridge
Yellow lantern  - Homegoods
Keys & Change plate - Hobby Lobby
Turquoise cross - Hobby Lobby
All of the B's - Hobby Lobby
Count your blessings canvas - Hobby Lobby
Matted frame - Hobby lobby
all other frames - Deals
Bragg Canvas - Home, James(etsy)

Thank you for stopping by!
xoxo Jamie