September 25, 2012

Not much going on...

There has not been all that much going on around these parts, I am hoping that I can soon remedy that issue. Boredom does not suit me at all. We did recently make the super hard decision of giving Zoey to a new home. She is a really great dog that deserves a family that can give her more attention and a yard to run and play in. Things that we can not provide for her right now. I won't lie. I cried. She went to a home with a mom and a dad and 2 kids. She has a big yard to run around in, and will soon be moving with her new family to a new house on a whole acre! It was hard. Almost as bad as giving away a kid I would assume.

 On the very same day that Zoey's new family came to get her, was Chrissy's 8th birthday. So on top of Zoey leaving, I didn't even get to be with my precious Chrissy on her birthday. She is a super awesome little girl, extremely smart and very talented. She reminds me of myself in ways that others in my family have not noticed. She gets almost "addicted" to things she really likes. She loves high heel shoes (even though she is not allowed to wear them... although I did buy her some cute shoes from Justice that had a small wedge on them.. she was in HEAVEN!) She is easily distracted by sparkly things. She LOVES to dance! She loves to look in the mirror at herself (yes I hate to admit, that I do this as well...) She loves makeup (again another thing she is not allowed to wear, but would get to for photoshoots every now and then) & she wants to be everything when she grows up...... she will find out one day that means she will be an entrepreneur. She wants to own several businesses and also be a runway model. 

Other little things (not so much like her Auntie... maybe a little bit ;)
she is super caring, giving and loves everyone she meets. She is a straight A Student and much taller than other little girls her age. She gets along super well with all her sisters and loves animals. She would lay in the bathroom floor with Zoey and just pet her. She is popular without even trying. She wants to be a cheerleader, and is getting better at her cartwheel. She is truly an amazing little girl and I miss her so much!

& this sweet little video made by two awesome girls, for Chrissy on her birthday... It made me cry, I love how they added the videos of her when she was so little and the song is perfect for Chrissy. Definitely a video worth watching!