December 29, 2014

Christmas Day 2014

Ah! Christmas day! Just like last year, the girls slept at my house Christmas Eve. This time my brother and sister in law stayed at a hotel. (I have no idea why, I told them they could have stayed at my house...) Which means Santa made it to my house just minutes before the girls woke up, which could have been disastrous for a certain someone.... Anyway, Santa made it in time, and I even got a video of him going through his bag in my living room, which Keli thought was the coolest thing EVER!!! We spent the earliest part of the morning at my house opening gifts before going to my parents house for more gifts.. then the girls left with their parents to go visit friends and family on my sister in laws side of the family, so Keith and I took a NAP. Haha!

The color photos are at my house :) 

Someone was really excited about their Nerf Rebelle... can you tell?

Black and white photos at my moms house.. (again because of the awful lighting there)

Keli got my mom this sweet little bear that says something about grandmothers. My mom sat their and bawled like a baby. Keli used her own money and bought it from her school store. :)

Finally succeeded in getting my dad a gift he likes and can actually use.
This man is incredibly hard to shop for!!

My gifts :) 
Keith's gifts! The larger necklace, has "Daddy Est. 2015" engraved on it... the smaller matching one is for Kolton, obviously not engraved yet.. 

Hope you all had wonderful Christmases as well!
xoxo Jamie

Christmas Eve 2014!!

What an awesome Christmas we had this year!!! I always miss "what used to be" at Christmas time, but am so very thankful and blessed that we have a little family close by to celebrate Christmas with each year. This year is also the last Christmas Keith and I will have no children of our own. I am so very excited about next year, having Kolton here!! But that post will obviously happen next year.

We usually end up celebrating Christmas with my parents and my oldest brothers family. (They are typically who live the closest) Christmas Eve we did our traditional cookie making & decorating at my moms house. Started out with only Chrissy and Keli, Claire was didn't feel good and was asleep. She woke up just as we got ready to decorate so she did join in on decorating :) Kiki was with her mom and dad so she joined us a little later and decorated a couple cookies... might be why it was quite a bit cleaner this year ;) After cookies, we ate some and had some hot cocoa next to the fire. The light at my parents house is absolutely terrible.. so unfortunately all the photos taken there, are in classic black and white. :( I also didn't get many photos toward the end of the night.. mainly cookie making and decorating, haha. Maybe I will do better next year..

(there are some iphone photos mixed in here btw)


Claire's cookies... she had a sprinkle mishap... 

Chrissy's cookies

Keli's cookies

& you know I had to join in on the fun ;) 


xoxo Jamie