October 31, 2014

Guess What?! & Happy Halloween!!

YAY!!! Finally!!! :)

I have been very quiet over here on the blog because, well I don't have much to talk about besides, my much anticipated little baby!! I wanted to keep it under wraps until we got to the 2nd trimester, which we didn't quite make it to, but pretty close!!! :)  I actually found out just two days after my last post!!

I had been trying to convince myself that I wasn't that, it would be just another negative test. Once I failed to convince myself, I started texting my best friend back in FL and tried to convince her that I wasn't... then, she told me to take a test.. right then. so I did. and it was positive.. one of the best days of my life so far!!! :)

I hope everyone has a great Halloween, I know I did getting to announce the best news of my life!
xoxo Jamie