August 21, 2015

Dear Kolton: Month Three

Dear Kolton, 

    How is it even possible that you are already three months old? These days are flying by so fast. Is it possible that it goes a little bit faster every single day? Because it seems to. Last time I weighed you, you were 13 pounds and 6 ounces! You are 24" long! I think you are pretty small, but people keep telling me you are a chunk! haha. You are still wearing 0/3 month clothes, but you are just now starting to move up to the 3/6 month size. 

    You smile ALL the time. You are the happiest baby I think I have ever seen. You rarely ever cry, and it is super easy to get you to stop when you do. You love "talking" and you love story time. I think its so neat, that I can take you into the bookstore and show you books, you either smile at them or frown at them. I fully believe you are choosing your own books. I love reading to you at night, you just focus on the pictures as I read, as long as Keli isn't there. If she is there, then you stare at her while I read. I think you are still a big fan of her :)  I also let you "pick your own toys" if you seem to like them then I get it for you, your current favorite is this little talking, singing blue dog. Before that a crinkly monkey!

    You are still not lifting your head while on your tummy, in fact you have started screaming when I put you on your tummy. I wouldn't be surprised if you just skip that step and go straight to sitting up. You love your Sit Me Up lion. Love looking around and playing with your toys. You have started grasping things and, yep, they go straight into your mouth. You are also starting to warm up to bath time finally. I get more smiles than frowns now when I bathe you. OH! you also love when daddy comes home from work, if you are asleep, even if only for a few minutes, you wake up super smiley and talking to him. I am pretty sure you make his day when you do that :) 

Love you little man!

Some more of his 3 month shots.. 


August 5, 2015

Meaningful White {Fashion}

Trying out another fashion post ;) I really love this outfit, starting with this top from The Limited. It's actually my mom's. After a little while, I may have raided my mom's stuff and took some pieces out to keep for myself. This top was one of them. It still had the tags on it, she had never worn it, and I actually don't think it would have fit her since it fit me perfect haha. But, SHE picked it out, so in a way its like she picked it out for me. These shorts are super cute and also comfortable which is a major plus for a mom!

outfit details:
top (sold out similar here)
sandals (sold out similar here)