November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving in Lakeland

For Thanksgiving, Keith, my younger brother Marc and myself drove to Lakeland to be with family there. The drive was long and boring and exhausting. Since there were three of us, we decided we could drive the 23 hour trip straight through, naturally I got stuck with the crappy 1-4am spot, but I guess I should be happy that is the only time I drove :)

The week was amazing, but far too short. Hoping that it will not be another 9 months before we get to go back...  I am so glad I treasured every moment while we were there. I got to see my family & my friends & even clients! I can not wait for our next visit! :)


November 10, 2012

October through Instagram

For my birthday in August, Keith got me an iphone. To be completely honest, I knew nothing about this phone other than the fact that it had instagram and awesome apps for editing phone pictures. So naturally that was a good enough reason to want an iphone. I have already taken over 600 photos with this phone. I might possibly be addicted to taking pictures using my phone. I edit almost all of them and then save them to my phone, only a very small fraction gets posted to instagram. 

BUT anywho, I thought since there really is not all that much going on, that I would post my Instagram photos from October... my life in October through photos :)