March 31, 2013


I love Easter... it is one of my favorite holidays for several reasons.
1. because of what it stands for. To me Easter just feels like one of the strongest holidays, the one filled with the most meaning. The one that can make you step back and realize what you have, what your life is worth!
2. Because of all the family time.......

Except this year :(
This year it was just Kieth and I and Mia.
I made the best of it though. I made Mia an Easter basket.
Filled some plastic eggs with treats so she could hunt them.
& I made dinner for just the two of us. :)

Over all the day was not bad by any means...
We did have a great day filled with lots of love, fun and God!


March 17, 2013

Last Sunday Night.

    Last weekend we began the "transfer" process... Since Keith and I had decided that we were going to stay in my parents RV for the next few months or so.. we needed to come to San Antonio in order to move into it and decided to stay here until just a few days before the next job started..

So last Saturday we moved our RV to another park and decided to let someone else stay in that one until we put it in storage, and they headed to San Antonio. We drove through some terrible hail storms and finally arrived in San Antonio late, late, late Saturday night. Keith had decided to drive back up to Big Spring with his friend in order to help his friend tow his RV to San Antonio. They left early in the day, and I worked on cleaning, organizing and moving into my parents RV.

Around 1:30am I got a very calm phone call from Keith. He had been in a really bad accident. I was terrified that he was not telling me every thing and jumped in the car and drove the 50 miles to where he was... They had been coming down a hill and his friend lost control of the vehicle when wind caught the RV. The RV had fallen to its side and the vehicle they were in went rolling.

Thank GOD they had their seatbelts on. Keith only had a few minor cuts and bruises on him. His seatbelt held him in his seat as they went rolling. Had either one of them not had their seatbelt on this story would have had a much different ending. For a long time I have been an advocate for seat belt wearing.. constantly pestering Keith to wear his.. begging him at times to put it on.... JUST IN CASE.
Words can not express how thankful I am that he had it on. & now he wears it every time he gets in the car. He said it is the scariest thing he has ever experienced, wondering at any moment if the walls of the vehicle would cave in on him.....

If you DON'T wear your seatbelt.... I highly recommend that you start...
I could have lost Keith that night, if it had not been for his seat belt....................

We had some stuff in the back of the friends RV. As soon as the Towing place opened, we helped him sift through all his things, and gather ours.

The skittles had been in Keith's lap in the passenger seat... this picture is of the drivers side..


March 2, 2013

In the midst of boredom..

Is more boredom :/ There is a whole lot of NOTHING going on right now. We are just waiting to be transferred which can happen any day now.. so we just wait, and wait, and wait.........

So in the meantime enjoy the updated blog and this little song that I really like :)