April 15, 2013


We had quite the scare with our little Lexi yesterday. 
We woke up normal like normal around 8am she was perfectly fine.
Took her outside to go potty. She acted fine but did not potty.
So I brought her inside to feed her.
She drank some water, and ate a couple pieces of food and started trembling all over.
Her little tummy was suddenly bloated & she was whimpering :(
I immediately called the vet. He told me to give her some Pepto, it just sounded like she was constipated.
Keith ran to the store for some Pepto, we gave it to her & took her straight outside.
Within minutes, she pottied several times and went back to her normal self. We took both Mia and Lexi for a short walk around the park, came back inside and sat on the couch with them.
Lexi fell asleep.
When I tried to wake Lexi, something was not right.
She could barely open her little eyes.
We took her back outside, where she threw up and fell over.
She could not hold her self up.
We brought her back inside and Googled "effects of Pepto on dogs"
Found nothing, so we tried to call the vet back. No answer.
We waited a while and tried again. Again no answer.
I was really worried so we called the animal hospital in Waco.
They suggested Karo syrup on her gums, maybe her blood sugar had dropped.
I ran to the store for Karo Syrup. We rubbed it on her gums.......
Nothing.  Still weak, still throwing up.
I called the vet again, he told me to take her to the animal hospital in Waco.
We grabbed both dogs (Mia in case Lexi was contagious and Mia need something too)
& headed to Waco. One hour and twenty minutes away.
We were there forever.
Thankfully they tested for Parvo immediately & were able to rule that one out.
Several tests later, it was determined that she had picked up a severe tummy virus.
& that she was also Anemic. This is why she went down so fast.
We were told that she is going to need to be watched, any illness will take her down quick.
They told us we were feeding her the right food, just feed her more often than Mia, to keep her nutrient levels up high. She has nine days worth of medicine to take.....

It was such an emotional day. Keith and I were both drained by the time we got home. But oh so thankful it was nothing worse. she is just very fragile. & needs lots of extra attention :)

April 11, 2013

Lots of turns...

So here we are sitting in Marquez, TX. We are supposed to be here for 6 weeks right? Wrong. We found out Tuesday that the job is ending next week.
 so. not. cool.

So now, here I am launched into full panic mode when I read this qoute this morning in my devotional book.
"A bend in the road is not the end of the road... unless you fail to make the turn." - Anonymous

WOW! Did I need to read that this morning! I am not going to lie, all of this moving around is incredibly stressful. I really do love getting to see new places and do new things. But we never really get a chance to just BE somewhere. BUT with that said. I have a roof over my head, clean, NICE clothes to wear, tons of food to eat, my healthy puppies and my handsome man by my side. I have got to remember to go with the route that life takes us on. I know that God has a plan and he has us traveling across the country for a reason. I have yet to find out what that reason will be, but I am sure it will be a good one :)

So... we will be headed out of here weekend after next, I guess we are to go to San Antonio for a week or so and then they are shipping us off to Colorado. I am going to try and use our time in San Antonio to go visit my brothers family down in the Corpus area. (see, Jamie, some good comes out of this) We may not be able to take the RV with us to CO, we may have to get a hotel room. (really, really not cool) But I am going to work on trying to embrace this turn and just go with it. HE has it under control. I just need to trust in HIM.

My babies:
& this one just cracks me up.... Mia was trying to play with her, but she just looks evil and Lexi does not even care. Too freaking funny!

April 7, 2013

Everyone needs a sister!

A few weeks ago Keith and I started talking about Mia's separation anxiety. We decided that she needed a sister that could hopefully help with that and also be a play buddy! We were originally looking at Pomeranians until we discovered that we both liked the Cavalier King Charles breed. I started looking at breeders, but they were wanting $2,000+ for a puppy. There is just no way we can pay this much for a puppy right now. I kept searching hoping I would find someone selling puppies alot less.

Well last week I got lucky. I was browsing Craigslist, and discovered a precious 3 month old Cavalier King Charles that needed a new home. Her mommy could not keep her..... & naturally a rehoming fee is A TON LESS than what the breeders are asking for! This little beauty was perfect. I could feel it, she was not a 9 week old puppy, she was already a little bit older, so that put her at 2months younger that Mia. PERFECT. We almost missed out on her... we were told she was already taken. But I guess that fell through because we ended up driving to Houston to pick up this sweet little baby yesterday morning :)

We decided to (re)name her Princess Lexi.
So without further adieu... here she is :)

April 1, 2013


Last Saturday we decided to drive up to Hico, TX. I had driven through the town just a few days earlier and it looked really interesting.. apparently the town is the center around the Billy the Kid Rumor!

So we made the 2.5 hour drive to visit the town and the Billy the Kid Museum. 
The museum was very small & is run completely from donations. However the evidence they have there is definitely believable. Made Keith and I both believe that Billy the Kid lived on after he was supposedly shot in NM.  If you are ever driving through TX (Dallas/FT. Worth area) & have some spare time, I would definitely recommend visiting the small town of Hico, TX.

After visiting the museum we walked around the historic downtown area peeking in all the old buildings and browsing the antique shops. The town definitely has some of the very best antique shopping I have seen in awhile, had I had room for new things, I could have easily left with a truckload worth of stuff! We finished off the morning with lunch at the Koffe Kup Cafe! Come to find out they have the best pie around, they were rated in the top 40 small town cafes by Texas Monthly! Needless to say we had to give the pie a try. We both got Pecan...... BEST Pecan Pie I have ever had!!!!!!

My finds at the antique stores, even though they are not antiques.....