February 23, 2014

Gee whiz!

I suck at blogging. However my FB is always kept up. I wonder if I vowed to focus on posting on the blog instead of FB if it would work... hmmm.. doubt it, but I suppose I could try? LOL Anyway. I finally got over whatever bug, or sinuses I had close to the end of January. I have been on the ball getting my Photography business back up and running. I've gotten the model end going, not so much the business part yet though. But I will get it finished :)

In January we had Keli's birthday, since they only live a couple hours away, they were actually able to come up and we had a little birthday afternoon with her! I can't believe she is eight years old. It seems unreal that that is eve possible.

 & of course, Lillian made an awesome birthday video for Keli. So grateful for lillian and these videos she makes of the girls! :)


The newest addition to the family made her arrival Feb 10th... Breelynn Faith!!!

Isn't she adorable?? I can't wait to see all her professional newborn photos :)

After that was Valentines day <3
Keith and I went out for the strangest dinner ever at Olive Garden, they brought our food at the same time as the salad, the dipping sauce for the breadsticks after, and our DRINKS after that. it was weird, but it was quick and allowed us to go to the movies to see Vampire Academy. Sooo good! Sad to hear it didn't do well :/ I thought it was awesome!

The day after Valentines day was Aby's birthday! I completely forgot to call her and I hope she forgives me for that, at least her birthday card was on time this year! lol

(I don't have a recent photo of her so, just gonna use this one for now) 

& that brings us current I think.. :)

xoxo ~ Jamie