May 21, 2016

Koltons first 1st birthday party

We have been planning to do Koltons first birthday party in FL, however with his party getting pushed back, and back, and back. We decided to have a small party here in TX at the park with a handful of Keith's co-workers. It was short and sweet, and thrown together a few days before his birthday. But he loved it and we had a great time so that is all that matters. :)

Gift list:
Airplane ride-on & crawling bear: from the Long family
V-tech book: from Papa
Scout & blocks: from Jan & Glen
dump truck(not pictured): from Joe & Brenda
cash: from Smithberry family
gift card: from Leon
Leap Reader Junior, books & movies from: mom & dad


Birthday Pancakes

I filled Kolton's room with balloons the night before his birthday after he went to sleep. He loves his ball pit, so I thought he would love it. Yeah. He wasn't really that into it. haha. I also decided several months back that I really wanted to do a special pancake breakfast the morning of his birthday, and start a tradition of doing this every birthday as long as he will let me do it! I was going to do one pancake, but, the candle wouldn't stand up! But three worked perfect, especially considering he ate two and a half of them!


May 20, 2016

Koltons Cake Smash Session!

Being a photographer definitely has its perks! I probably would have spent a fortune on pictures, not even counting all the outfits I purchased for photos throughout Kolton's first year. This time though, was his cake smash. I obviously no longer have a studio, so I actually set up my backdrops on our patio area in front of the RV. He even had a bit of an audience while he smashed it to smithereens. He did a little tasting, but he was far more interested in destroying the cake. haha. 


May 14, 2016

The Silos

Every one who watches HGTV knows what the Silos are. And I am happy to say that we had the chance to go visit, check out the store and every thing there. I don't know about Keith, but I had fun, walking the grounds, shopping in the store and soaking in all the gorgeous-ness! The property really is very pretty, but also really crowded, trying to push a stroller through the store was a nightmare. I just had Keith stand off to the side with Kolton for a bit while I shopped. We visited on a Saturday though, so maybe not as bad on a weekday?