May 10, 2015


**Back posted**

This first set of maternity photos are very special. I scheduled these super far in advance, and had talked at length with my mom about how excited I was for these photos. Showed her photos of the dress I was purchasing, told her what color, asked her if Keith should be in blue.. to which she replied "I don't know" (I don't think she was into the planning portion) I told her I was going to attempt to make some draped sleeves for the dress so that it would look different than everyone else's, since these dresses were super popular for maternity photos right now. I told her how excited I was to get to do our photos in the bluebonnets, and that I would take a better photo of the bluebonnet field to print for her, than the one I took last year... that I never ended up printing... when the bluebonnets started popping up on the sides of the highways, my mom was already in the hospital. I kept telling her how beautiful they looked and that I couldn't wait to show her the photos once we took them!

but, I never got to show them to her. She passed away just a week before we were scheduled to shoot. I thought about just cancelling the shoot altogether, but decided that I wanted to follow through with the shoot exactly the way I described it to my mom. I rummaged through her jewelry and pulled out her amethyst ring to wear as well.

& thanks to Bekah Jane Photography, that is exactly what happened...

These next photos, were taken by my nieces, Claire and Chrissy under my direction :) I have taught them a lot about shooting and I think they are doing pretty darn good. I did the editing on all of the following photos as well :)

This next set of photos was taken by Keith after our shoot with the photographer :) 

xoxo Jamie