January 5, 2016

New Years Eve

My brother rented a cabin for New Years Eve. The kids were able to play at an arcade for a few hours, and then we headed back to the cabin to toast in the new year :) Keith, Kolton and I didn't stay at the cabin though, we went back home (which was about 5 minutes away) haha. 


Christmas Day part 2

For Kolton's first Christmas he got:
From Santa: Beatbo, Crochet teether, FanFan the Fawn
From Papa: Train Activity Center
From Great Grandpa: $100
From Uncle Marc & Aunt Becca: Hedgehog toy
From Uncle Chris & Aunt Lisa: Chewable Blocks
From Uncle Michael & Aunt Tiffany: Cookie Cutters and cookie mix
From Mom and Dad:
Poppin Dino
Soft Knit Ball
Crawling Turtle
Learning Toolbox
Wooden Towtruck w/magnetic blocks
Mini Racecar track
Chewable Noahs Ark
Chewable balls
Music Activity Center
Learning Flash Cards
Knit Deer

 Destruction of Koltons room after opening gifts. haha!


Christmas Day Part 1