February 25, 2015

Baby Bump: 27 weeks(which was last week)

soooooo.... I took the photo on time.
But didn't post on time. (I am now 28 weeks)

If you don't think pregnancy brain is a real thing..
you are wrong.
It is..
so this is all I can remember from last week.

back pain was less.
lots of pressure down low. :/
I got called huge.
I should have punched that person in the face.
+17-ish pounds.
Kolton kicks. A LOT.
even when I am walking.
who ever said babies sleep while you walk LIED.

That is about all I can remember. 

xoxo Jamie

February 6, 2015

Baby Bump: 25 Weeks

I missed weeks 23 & 24 weeks... the weeks keep passing faster than I can keep up.

In pain. pretty much constant back pain. fun.
Also, a new pain at the top of my abdomen..
 feel like I am being stabbed over and over and over.
Kolton kicks ALL the time.
found my ribs this past week.. ouch.
Sometimes he moves so much that I feel sick to my stomach.
I am hungry ALL the time.
currently at +14 lbs.
supposedly this is normal.
I will admit, I am NOT having fun watching the scale go up. :(
I am so very grateful that Kolton is growing.. :)
It's like a love/hate relationship with the scale.
We are moving into my parents house this weekend.
thankfully, Chris and Lisa are driving down to help us.
we don't end up living with my parents the whole time..
but gotta do what we gotta do.
Come on CCC get us another job and send us wherever we need to go!
(even though I would prefer Kolton be born here in San Antonio)
Oh did I mention Kolton moves ALL the time?
I think he might have 8 arms or something...
I'm getting kicked in the ribs as I type this.

I'm hungry. bye bye for now!