November 30, 2014

Baby Bragg is a.....


We went today for an elective ultrasound so we could find out if baby was a boy, or a girl..!! It was such an amazing experience! They spent far more time with us than the Dr. normally does and baby was super active!!! Cutest thing ever, was that he would jump around all crazy whenever I would giggle. It is amazing that I can't feel any of the movement yet.

I have been feeling better this last week, so I am going to attempt
 to start taking weekly belly photos :) Stay tuned for those!!!

xoxo Jamie

November 24, 2014

Family Photos 2014

We met up with Rae Vision Photography again for our yearly photos. This is the first time I gave up complete control over our photos. (I may have a control issue haha) I love the way they came out, just really wish that Mia and Lexi would have cooperated. They were not on their best doggie behavior that day.  This is the sixth year in a row we have had our photos taken. I absolutely love this tradition and having photographs documenting the growth of our family. Even with these first six years being just Keith and I, we have changed so much during that time. I highly recommend having your family photos taken at least once a year. Even if it is just a cell phone photo.

Stay tuned.. I know when we "should" be finding out if baby Bragg is a boy or a girl.. and it might possibly be pretty soon :) 

xoxo Jamie

November 1, 2014

Our Announcement!!

I love documenting major events with photography. I am so glad we were able to get together with Rae Vision Photography to have these done. I love them and I am so happy I will be able to show them to this baby one day :) We have been excited for his/her arrival since the day we found out for sure!!!!

xoxo Jamie