May 31, 2012

Virginia City, MT

 It rainy and cold pretty much the whole time we were in Virginia City, but this place was amazing, I want to come back here one day. I just loved it so much!

The RV Park we stayed in :)

 Keith and I (Virginia City behind us :)

 Everything in the store, is original to the store, these were all things that were left when the town was abandoned.

May 30, 2012

Nevada City, MT

We are Texas bound! YAY! I have missed the South of so very much! Keith and I decided that we would take our time getting there and stop in the ghost towns of Nevada City and Virginia City.  Most of both we're closed, but I still got some really pretty pictures :)

We went to Nevada City the first day we were there, since it was the one that was easiest and quickest to walk around, there was absolutely nothing open here.

 This house looked so cool, I wanted to get close to it so badly but it was gated off, had to use my zoom lens (zooooomed all the way in just to get this shot) not to mention the nearly 20 mins I waited for the people who worked there to move from in front of it. :)