November 2, 2015

Kiki's Fourth Birthday!

   This past weekend we celebrated my nieces 4th birthday. When my sister in law asked her what she wanted for her birthday, she said she wanted to go to Auntie and Uncle's house. So, they came to our house. I set up a simple(affordable) birthday party for her (could be why she wanted to come to my house haha) All of the party decorations came from Target, I think the banner was the most at $4. The cake stand, is actually the one I used at my wedding. The cake came from Walmart for $8 and the awesome, awesome candle on top was from Target for just $3!!! All in all, I think the decorations and cake cost me under $30. :) I always try to do affordable, yet cute parties for the girls, when I am the one hosting. I absolutely LOVE putting together these little parties for them <3 

    We did not go over the top on gifts. She actually REALLY loves clothes, so some cute clothes from Kohls and Walmart, and an Elsa doll(so she won't keep trying to play with Keli's special Elsa doll again) & a fun puppy. She misses her Roxy. Their dog died the day of my mom's funeral. (way to make a day even more sad :/ ) And the dog, Lucy, was definitely the favorite gift by far. :) It is pretty neat though, you speak it's name, and a command, and the dog does the command!!

This cake turned out seriously awesome! Don't be surprised if you see the candle holder used again in future birthdays!!

Some of the randomness of the day:

& some play time at the park:
 Notice the water on the slide above? LOL
 Kid is so funny, see Kiki to the left(above)? She threw it, then put her hands up saying "oh no!"
& (above) a funny outtake.. notice the puppy? It flew off the slide.. haha.

xoxo Jamie

November 1, 2015

Kolton's First Halloweeeeeeen!

For me, any holiday spans more than just that one day, there are so many events leading up to the actual day. Halloween, is no different, pumpkin patches, carving pumpkins, I love it all! Last week, we each decorated a pumpkin, well, Keith and I, took turns doing Kolton's. Kolton was a bit cranky, so the fun was short lived and the pumpkins ended up not turning out that great. But they were kinda cute, and I proudly displayed them on our patio ledge :)

Some of our decor.. somehow managed to not get photos of our front door or the inside decor :( I totally thought I had taken some until I looked through my camera. & I have already taken it all down and replaced it with fall decor for Thanksgiving! 

Halloween day! Pretty much every plan I had, fell through. Got to love when that happens. But we tried to enjoy the evening, we went downtown to our local towns Halloween bash. Everyone loved Kolton's costume, I must say, he was pretty darn cute (& matched his mama) It was freezing cold, my dad came with us, it got dark fast, and I ended up not taking many photos. I get distracted far too easily. But he technically got to trick or treat! He got a good bit of candy, mostly suckers (I think people thought he was older than what he really is haha) Anyway, we tried out a new restaurant while we were out, Babes Chicken Dinner (or something along those lines) really interesting place with good food! Would not mind going again! :)