December 15, 2012


Yesterday is a day that will not be far from my memory ever. 
My heart aches for those precious souls that were taken so early in their lives.
The teachers that protected these precious children.
The families of those who perished.
The community surrounding this horrific event.
Christmas is a little less bright for our Nation this year.
We must be strong for the children in our own lives,
all while knowing that there are several families grieving the loss
of the children in theirs. We should not just hug our babies tight tonight.
 We should treasure every single moment that we are given. 
We should be teaching them love.
Teaching them about God.

All we can do is pray for those affected yesterday.
& treasure what we have. Thank God for the blessings placed in our lives.

I am wishing I could be with my youngest nieces & nephews. 
I know the youngest know nothing of what happened.
I am so thankful that they still have their innocence.
I am so thankful that they are here & healthy.

December 11, 2012

Decorating For Christmas!

Finally finished decorating for this year :)
Pay no mind to the fact that it is the middle of the month!

It is not easy to decorate an RV. It is not easy to have Christmas
in an RV period. Since we have not replaced the couch
I decided that the tree would look awesome in that corner :) 
I love Christmas & I love decorating for Christmas
I miss the days of having a house to decorate.
But I am thankful that I have a roof over my head,
and that it is OURS. :)

December 3, 2012

Christmas Wreath

Decorating for Christmas around here has not really been happening..
possibly the reason that I feel like all of the "cheer" has been sucked out of me?

I am sick, not had a very good couple of days..
& decided I would buy myself this pretty little wreath..
why not? It made me happy for a few seconds..
Hopefully soon I can actually fully decorate for Christmas.
Maybe then I will feel better.

December 1, 2012

On days of extreme irritable-ness, when everything that happens or is said to you makes you angry..

just watch the best scene of Vampire Diaries ever!


November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving in Lakeland

For Thanksgiving, Keith, my younger brother Marc and myself drove to Lakeland to be with family there. The drive was long and boring and exhausting. Since there were three of us, we decided we could drive the 23 hour trip straight through, naturally I got stuck with the crappy 1-4am spot, but I guess I should be happy that is the only time I drove :)

The week was amazing, but far too short. Hoping that it will not be another 9 months before we get to go back...  I am so glad I treasured every moment while we were there. I got to see my family & my friends & even clients! I can not wait for our next visit! :)


November 10, 2012

October through Instagram

For my birthday in August, Keith got me an iphone. To be completely honest, I knew nothing about this phone other than the fact that it had instagram and awesome apps for editing phone pictures. So naturally that was a good enough reason to want an iphone. I have already taken over 600 photos with this phone. I might possibly be addicted to taking pictures using my phone. I edit almost all of them and then save them to my phone, only a very small fraction gets posted to instagram. 

BUT anywho, I thought since there really is not all that much going on, that I would post my Instagram photos from October... my life in October through photos :) 

October 20, 2012

Vintage Market & a Friend!

Finally after a couple months of absolute boredom, a fun day! I heard about Petticoats on the Prairie, I knew that I wanted to go but I had no one to go with me. My old friend Corey from middle school (and 9th grade) lives in this area and said that she would like to go with me. We made the plans and this morning was the first time I have seen her in 11 years!  It was so great to be able to spend time with her and talk. After browsing the vintage market, we headed back in to Colorado City, and checked out some of the local antique shops. :) Hopefully we will get the chance to do something else before I head to San Antonio for our next job.

14 years old

 Today 25 years old :)

Petticoats on the Prairie was amazing, had I had an unlimited budget and a uhaul trailer with me I would have bought so much. They had the cutest little vintage trailers on display from Sisters on the Fly.. So colorful and meticulously decorated. These women are amazing and so creative!

I ended up buying two super cute headbands and a gorgeous custom crown, all to be used as photo props, I can't wait until I can use them !

October 16, 2012

Still nothing going on...

After a very fun full summer with the girls, we have been saving like crazy for a truck, so making fun little trips has taken the back burner.. hoping to go to the Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico soon! We have been making some improvements on the RV. New carpet, some new shelves, etc...

This is the carpet. BEFORE. nasty. I know. I can't believe I lived with it as long as I did, although I always had rugs down on top of it. 

My dad was a HUGE help in pulling the old carpet and couch out. We decided to get rid of the couch because the springs had ripped through the top anyway. Not to mention it was not all that comfortable.

 And the final...  for now, since the dinette bench faces the TV we decided that for now, the space could be easily used for my desk and keyboard. :) But you can see the pretty new carpet :)

We also decided to replace the entry and bathroom flooring :) It was originally white linoleum. 
 Pretty sure I like the new tile better :)

We also did some other projects around the house... adding some new shelves...

Attempting to make my front door area pretty :)
 Love my new windchime :)
Hopefully soon I will have something better to blog about... I mean, seriously... how much more boring could life possibly get?