December 6, 2011

Decembers 30 Day Photo Challenge! (Days 1-6)

okay, okay so maybe I took all six days today. I didn't decide to do this until today. So I just went ahead and did all first six today :)

Here is the list if you want to do it too!!! I found the list on Pinterest. Looks as thought it came from Laughter and Love Photography. I JUST noticed that! haha. I am going to have to look them up in a few minutes ;)

On to the photos!

Day ONE: Yourself
I was actually laying down. But I decided to get created with the cropping.

Day TWO: Red
For some reason I kept thinking Candy Cane!

Day THREE: Texture
Oh Yes!

Day FOUR: Eyes
Love these precious eyes!

Day FIVE: Looking Up!
I couldnt decide between these two. so here are both of them :)

Day SIX: Sweets
Cookies! :)

December 5, 2011

Getting fit!

I have been complaining for the past couple of years now about the weight I've gained. Yet I have not put much effort into doing anything about it. My gut that I have developed is so bad now that my shirts wont stay down! They ride up to my waist. Its embarassing. Well I hate being embarassed and I really miss wearing tight shirts. So I figured no better way to motivate myself than embarassing the crap outta myself by posting pictures of how I look right now. Normally I edit my stomach to look flat in my pictures.. but this is what it really looks like:

And NO I am not pregnant, for some reason that is where all my weight goes. It is embarassing, and frankly I really do not want to look prego when I am not. This shouldnt be too hard of a starting point though. I need to lose the tummy and then tone.... there is no reason I cant look like my inspiration photo if I just stick with it...:

This is the workout schedule I am trying:
Mon/Thur/Sat- Abs/legs/stretch/cardio(dance & run)
Mon/Tues/Thur/Sat/Sun - Stretch & Cardio (dance & run)
Wed/Fri - rest

I am hoping that by working out targeted areas, I wont lose the fat I have gained in certain areas, that I would like to keep, ahem, chest and rear ;)
For Cardio I am doing a dance workout and also running. Because of my asthma I can't run for very long, (about 45 seconds to a minute if I am lucky) but I can endure dancing quite a bit longer. :)

I have also cut back on the amount of candy and soda intake LOL. I was drinking on average 5 sodas a day along with at least 2 candy bars. And I am now eating smaller portions. :)

I will post another picture after 7 days. Hopefully there will be some change! The workout says there should. :)

December 2, 2011

Its that time of year again!!!

I absolutely love Christmas time. And I definitely love to decorate for Christmas time. I was worried that this year I would not be able to........ BUT, since we bought the RV we can. :) I am a little sad though, this is the first Christmas EVER that Ive not had my decorations, and I am not just talking about decorations Ive bought since I moved out on my own. I inherited all of my parents Christmas ornaments, all of the handmade ones, the babies first christmas ornaments.... all of them. So it is heartbreaking to look at my tree and not have them. :(

The tree we bought from walmart for only $20. Its not bad, I wish we had gotten a taller tree. But my only real complaint is that the tree is not very full.

I left off the bottom back branches so I could easily squeeze it into this corner, which is not helping the "fullness" issue...

My decorations, ready to go (minus the candy bar LOL). I found all of them at walmart, family dollar, dollar general and a handful from a really neat western store down the road from where we are staying :)

I ADORE these balls. Walmart only had three. When we get to Baytown I am so going to look for at LEAST three more!

Tree :)

OMG I love these little characters!! They are so fun AND they were only $4 each!

Shhhh... He is my favorite.

I love love love the countdown calendar. Only $6 at Dollar General :)

salt & pepper shakers..

THANK YOU Pinterest!!! If it were not for THIS pin I would not have been able to hang a wreath :)


All Lit up.

One of my black friday finds at the Western Store :)