April 29, 2012

hmm. enter sad face...

 So, somehow my dog managed to send several of my pictures to the recycle bin. I had no idea of this and emptied the recycle bin. ***Note to self:  CHECK WHAT IS IN THE RECYCLE BIN!! I lost all my pictures of the springs, the waterfalls.. all of it gone. poof! Like the never exsisted. :(

However I can not continue to be upset, I learned a lesson the hard way and it is time to move on.... I do still have the pictures that were on my small camera, I had not yet put them on my computer, sooo.. here is our trip to the museum (that I am coming up blank on the name at the moment) :)

Did I mention that Cut Bank MT is the coldest spot in the nation??? BURRRRR!

April 17, 2012


 Random stop on the side of the road. We were headed from Cut Bank to Valier to  pick up my moms car and seen this historic spot sitting on the side of the road :) It marks the site of (I think it said) the only battle between Lewis and Clark with indians that resulted in them killing a few of them.

April 12, 2012

Glacier National Park (Kinda)

We tried to go to Glacier National Park, however all the roads to actually get inside were closed.  So instead we drove along side it. 

(the pictures uploaded out of order, and I'm too lazy to re-order them, srry.)

This is a monument marking the furthest point on the Lewis and Clark Trail.

There was a storm rolling into the mountains.....

That we of course got caught in..

When it cleared though, we got to see the most beautiful views!

I can't believe people graffiti'd this :( Then again, I noticed several of the historic places are tore up pretty bad.

This is what happens when you take a picture through tinted windows without adjusting your settings. LOL

I see why they call it Big Sky Country out here..

Just another day driving in Montana....

Driving through the Blackfeet Indian Reservation on our way to the mountains :)