September 30, 2010

Playing catch-up

So, instead of trying to post a bunch of different entries to get caught up... I am just going to post it all in here.. get my self up to date...... :)

These first ones I shot when the girls moved back home, I was so happy.. so obviously my first instinct is to take them outside and take pictures. Can you tell they were not actually in the mood to sit for pictures... oh well. Life of a photographer for you. haha.And... what kind of Auntie, that just happens to be a photographer, would I be if I did not then take them out for a real session?And then we went to the beach for Landon's birthday...
And then Claire turned 8 years old!We then Celebrated Fathers day... my dad is all the way to the left.. Probably not the best picture to represent the day.. but hey it shows basically what we did.

Then... the girls and I built my faux studio floor.. yepp this is how we did it folks. :PMy parents and I took a small trip to Anna Maria Island.. Went to the Aquarium... Thats Kailynn and her little cousin Haven..My younger brother and I celebrated our 23rd(me) and 22nd birthdays...(btw our birthdays are 2 days apart... and yes that large beast pictured below is my YOUNGER brother... tehehe)Went to the beach with a bunch of my family... including my sister who was here visiting all the way from California :)Took a trip to Gatorland, with my nieces, sister and brother in law... Probably would have been more fun if seeing a Gator was not an everyday occurrence..Kamryn got dedicated :)The girls moved in with me for TWO very crazy weeks.... We spent memorial day at my parents house... (everyone was there.. but since I am sticking to one picture per event.... this one of Keli wins the spot)
Took the girls with me to Palm Beach to shoot a friends maternity pictures... no worries, we played in the water after this.. :)
Alright.. I think I am now caught up to the present! YES! :)


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