December 6, 2010

Our weekend of Christmas fun!

Our weekend started out with the Christmas Parade... okay so maybe it wasn't quite the weekend since it was Thursday, but oh well. I was sick. oh so sick. I had actually told the girls we weren't going to go. BUT when I realized how quiet it was in the house and found that they had put themselves to bed, it broke my heart. I knew how excited they were to go to the Christmas parade. So I drug myself outta bed, and into the closet.. and kinda sorta got dressed. I dont think I did anything with my hair, but oh well.... I (sicker than a dog) took them to the parade. I am glad I did though, they were so happy... and their smiles just MAKE me feel better. :)
This first one is with their friend Madi.
And her is Madi's little sister! BRRRR!

All the girls minus Adri.. watching the parade..

Then Friday night, I was told that Munn Park did some fun stuff.. so why not.. I was feeling a little better, and this was something "Uncle Keith" could do with us. So we went out, there was not much there, but the girls did enjoy seeing some of the parade floats up close, the lights downtown, and their Hot Chocolate! :)

Thennnnnnnnn.... on saturday Lake Mirror had snow... there was no way I could deny them this opportunity! so we went to play in the snow.. we even found someone selling cute little bracelets for only a $1.. they dont take those bracelets off now :)

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