October 4, 2010


Ah, I am absolutely exhausted. I have been on a super wacky sleep schedule, I am hoping I can force myself to stay up about another 5 hours and maybe, just maybe I can get back on a regular, or at least somewhat regular sleep schedule. SO. I needed something to do to preoccupy my time. Last night while I was blog hopping I spotted the neatest idea of keeping the photography business in order. I have tried out a couple different methods and have not been happy but this one I think I will really love. Seeeeee....

I am a super visual person, so I think having this staring me down every single day will help me keep track of just where I am with everyone's sessions. But anyway, I sat down on the floor with a permanent marker, the board and a big piece of cardboard and made my masterpiece! I dont think I did all that bad, my fingers are black from frantically wiping away permanent marker in a few places that I had messed up. But all in all. I LOVE it :)

And just for fun I thought I would share this of Kai.. this is from yesterday at my parents. I took my camera because I have been playing with some new settings.. well she found the binoculars, I think she thought they were pretty cool.

And yes, my mom does have binoculars. Because of her health she is pretty limited to what she can do, so she bought them so that she could watch the wildlife out the window... :)


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