January 4, 2011

AHHHH *pinch* am I dreaming?

As some of you may know I have Claire and Chrissy signed with Ellie Bean & Models. I got an email today from Michelle the marketing director asking me if I would like to meet up with the owner  of Ellie Bean & Models, who also happens to be the amazing photographer, Alexi Kilmer of Child Essence Photography!!! She will be in Miami the end of this month for a photo-shoot, that I am invited to watch, and maybe even help out a little bit! I am over the moon. I want to go so bad.. hopefully everything will work out perfectly and I can go. Did I mention that said photographer also emailed me and complimented my photography?? I am so excited!!! Please, please, PLEASE... let this all work out!!!

& so you are not without a beautiful photo to view on this post.. Here is one of Kamryn modeling a gorgeous Headband by Bambaroos  (it is also a hat ;)

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