January 1, 2011

Project 365

  Heard of it before? I first heard of it last year and I wanted to do it, but I didn't see the point in starting in the middle of the year. All it is, is documenting your year with one photo every day.. we will see if I can do this... So now here we are Jan. 1, 2011. And I don't actually have an awesome photo to share.. but I do have one that I took today..... this morning... EARLYY this morning, say 12:05am-ish? HA! That will work won't it?

AND. Yes I know it is not the greatest image. I took it with my little point and shoot with two very hyper, sweaty little girls, BUT it was taken today. I really wish I would have pulled out my camera this morning after seeing Chrissys insane gorgeous outfit choice. That really would have been perfect!

OHHH, and on another note, I am combining my personal blog with this one... for obviouse reasons.. if I don't, then this one will hardly be touched.. and plus this one has the pretty layout :)

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