October 23, 2011


So, I have always wondered what the "perfect" couple is? Does the perfect couple exist? Tonight I realized the answer. There is no such thing as a "perfect" couple, but, there is such thing as a strong couple. Which in itself is perfect :) And tonight, I realized that Keith and I are a very strong couple. We have come through so much together and some how through everything we are even more in love and even stronger. Many of the people around me are in very shaky relationships. And I know that with Keith by my side we can make it through anything together. I am so truly blessed to have my partner, my boyfriend.... my best friend by my side. And even more blessed that he feels the same way. I feel like he saved me from my self when we first got together. I was on a downward spiral out of control. I am not afraid to admit, I was nuts... but he saved me. For some reason, he puts up with my antics, he stays by my side. I can only conclude that he too, loves me. I am so lucky to have found my equal, my soul-mate, the person that I know would stand by my side through everything.  And I love him more with every beat of my heart!

Here are some pictures of Keith and I through the past 3 years. This first one is in 2005 in High School :)

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