November 10, 2011


I have finally found my camera wire so I could upload my pictures onto the computer :) So even though its a couple weeks later here it is.. My brothers community does up halloween and does it on Saturday, Kailynn was Tinkerbell and Kamryn was Cinderella they looked absolutely adorable. Kamryn looks ticked off in her pictures, but really I think she was enjoying trick or treating much more than Kailynn was! I put bunny ears on Keith and my New Orleans mask on myself... thought I should get some use out of the mask before I put it in storage for who knows how long.. :( Kailynn said I looked like a bat...... Im not really sure what I looked like, but shes three so Im sure hers was the most correct answer. haha.

 my younger brother and I

 we ran into adrianna!!

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