December 21, 2014

Christmas Decor 2014

First off, in the winter, I get really crappy natural light in our living room.
More like non-existent natural light. So yes, I know these photos are not the best.
I did what I could with the ugly light I had available.

I am way behind in posting this. I set up all of our decorations the day after Thanksgiving
with the help of three of my nieces. I am just now getting around to photographing
and posting. Way to procrastinate, Jamie.

Anyway here we have it, this years decor :)
(& yes, I know I have a tiny living room lol) 

I found the above angel at CVS Pharmacy. I have been wanting an angel
for the top of the tree and she was perfect, except when I got her home I realized,
she was too big for my narrow tree. boo. :( It's okay she will fit my tree that we have
in storage in FL.... as soon as we have time to get that one out of storage. haha. 

I posted about on my instagram account. In case you do not have
an Instagram, it is a pretty neat cause... I found it at Nordstrom Rack
and believe that most Nordstrom stores are doing this. You just pic a little card
that has the name and age of a child you are giving a pair of shoes too. It was only $10!!
They are working with local schools, so you are giving right back to your own
community. Really hope the little girl loves her new pair of shoes :)

Hope you like what I did this year!!! Hopefully next year we will be in a
bigger place and I will have more room to decorate :)

xoxo Jamie

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