November 18, 2010

Orange hair...

Yep. At the school's fall carnival the girls found a booth that was spraying color on the kids hair. So naturally both Claire and Chrissy want to do this too, BUT, they only had one ticket each left. I told Claire to ask the lady how many tickets it was and if it was one, they could do it. Of course I am thinking to myself, haha, it will be more than one ticket. Sure enough. it required 3 tickets. They were both a little bummed, but their attention quickly turned back to their Ice Cream :)
Well, not even 5 minutes later, Claire saw her teacher, and what does her teacher do? She gives Claire more tickets. Just enough that Claire AND Chrissy were both able to get their hair colored Orange. Oh well I suppose it was just meant to be that both girls would have Orange hair when we went to run errands that day :P

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