November 17, 2010

Tears of joy..

So, after much talking with Lisa, the girls will be staying to at least finish off the school year. I was thinking part of the problem was that Chrissy was getting bored. I was not super prepared for them, so I did not have anything for them to play with. I had planned on getting them a dollhouse for Christmas, but figured what the hell, why not get it now? So I did... Last night I got the dollhouse and put it in the car. It was dark out so I just covered it. Claire saw the box, and they guessed it was a dollhouse and I told them no and turned up the music. Well after they went to sleep I hid it in my room. Sure enough, after school when I picked them up they asked what happened to the box. (I suppose they were too tired to think about it this morning, being we were up til 10:15 doing homework :[ ) Anyway, while they were at school, I set up the whole house and the furniture. When they got home I got ready with my camera and called them into the room........ and this was THE REACTION. the most priceless reaction ever!!! I almost cried, I teared up but held back, I dont think the girls would understand....

Apparantly Sugar was very excited as well......!

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