November 10, 2011

Headed to Texas!

Our trip to Texas was pretty easy, we left way to late on halloween, it was quite a show we put on for all the trick or treaters trying to get my car onto the tow dolley. HA! and they kept thinking we were giving out candy, we felt so bad that we went as fast as we could trying to get out on the road! We  drove til 3am and still didnt make it out of Florida. Our drive the next day felt like it took forever but went smoothly. I tried to get a picture of ever "welcome to" signs but missed the Texas sign because of the stupid sun. :( We got all the way to Buffalo and decided to stop at the gas station before driving the remaining mile down the road to my parents camper... as we were getting gas Sugar was bouncing around on the inside and stepped on the lock and locked us out of the car!! we spent a couple of hours, and $75 dollars and finally was able to make it the last mile of our trip :)

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