July 24, 2013

Back in the olden days...

Okay, so maybe not that long ago, considering I am only twenty five. Still, when I was a kid I remember playing outside all the time. Maybe it is just me, but it seems as if kids these days are inside on game consoles, cell phones or sitting in front of the TV. What happened to just getting outside and playing?!

I am so glad that my nieces love getting outside. It has been so incredibly hot and humid here in South Texas that the only time we can really get outside is in the evening. Tonight we did just that, as the sun was going down we took the girls outside. They rode bikes, played soccer, chased their little sister, made crazy faces, practiced tricks on their bikes... they just had FUN.

The best thing about my brothers house is that they live on a one way street right in front of all the schools. Cars very rarely travel down this street, which allows the kids plenty of room for play. Unfortunately for me it also includes all the fences, gates and what not in the background. Oh well. I will live.

Anyway here are some photos from this evening :)

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